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Home Valuation

What is your home worth right now?

Do you want to know what your home is worth right now? Your home is likely worth more than what you bought it for in this housing market. If you’re considering the pros and cons of selling your home, knowing the value is a great starting point. 

Why do so many people want to buy your home? There is low inventory of homes right now for how many buyers there are in the housing market. You may want to take advantage. 

Want to List Your Home?

If you think you are ready to sell your home, let’s get the process started. Selling your home can be a stressful process, so that is why it pays to have the right professionals around you. My goal is to maximize your profits while minimizing your stress.

How Do We Sell Your Home?


Want to know a simple secret to selling a home for top dollar? Professional drone footage will capture the beauty of your home in a unique way that pictures don’t do justice. Obviously we value our professional pictures as well, but our drone is definitely a fan favorite! 

Personally customized flyers are sent to pre-approved buyers. People in the market for your type of home are made aware through paper flyers sent to their home, as well as digitally through email. Talk to us today about what you want your marketing package to look like. 

We are always exploring new efficient ways to market your home, but ultimately it comes down to good communication with our clients. We know what their goals are, so we can best negotiate with the buyers to get you exactly what you want, and often more, out of your house! 

Download the "Guide to Sell Your Home"

It is always nice to know how the process of selling your home will be. Having a clear picture of what to expect throughout this process, will relieve the stress that comes with selling your home. 

In this guide, I walk you through what is expected of you as my client throughout the selling process, and of course, what you can expect of me as your agent. 

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